Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Starshine and Celesta

Meet Starshine and Celesta.
And yes there has been a request to change their names by depoll. Well Mary-Ella did ask if Starshine can be her name from now on and if Kitty can be Celesta. It's not like they don't already have a multitude of nicknames, but I felt within my rights to reject the name suggestions.

During makeup removal (aka bathtime) Mary-Ella suggested Starshine Bindi Mary-Ella Higgins for herself and Celesta Kitty Ava Rose Higgins for her sister (poor Celesta!!) You can tell from the pic the new identity was just not workin' for her.....

Just a little background here. Mary-Ella doesn't have a middlename, I knew I would regret not giving her one but being the nice parents we are we suggested she chose her own. After months of indecision she chose Tinkerbell. However, after the sudden and devasting loss of Steve Irwin, Bindi was selected as a new and more fitting middlename.

It didn't bother her in the slightest when her preschool classmate brought his new puppy BindiLou to school today.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Roller Bride

How fun is this?! On Sunday Jas came up with this little number.I love how kids don't let style rules get in the way of having a good time and looking great. Veil's are great aren't they? I tried one of for the first time while shopping for my wedding dress. I was wearing jeans and slipped a veil on to see how it looked. I swear it was a great combo. A veil really just finishes any outfit, every woman should try it out. If they'd had camera phones I might have been able to share an example.....

Sunday, October 29, 2006

By Request....ZACMAN!!

Check out this little cutie. For those of you who don't know, this is Zac, Karen and Scotty's cool dude. He has just turned one and is now walking. Lots of chasing for you hey Kazzamumma???

Blah Blah Blah

Hi everyone!!
Just wanted to let you know that you can now make comments here. I didn't realise when I fixed my settings that only members could comment. I've changed that and anyone can say anything they like now. So feel free to blah blah blah......

can't post without a pic so here's one from Fathers Day at the Lavendar Farm and winery...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

To Burgers With Love

singing that title to tune of "To Sir With Love" ...doesn't quite fit but works for me....

I'm guessing that you guys will be checkin in to see how your shots turned out too?
I love this one of Lucy with her icecream. How cute is she??? Still wish we could have found a Love Burgers sign but we have to make do ! You will see the rest soon. I promise.

I Know You Are Sneakin A Peek

Hey Lar,
I know you will be checkin to see if I've posted anything....so here are a few....
My fav of the day is the top one with Sarah's arm around Alex and Alex looking the other way.

Hope you like....


Mary-Ella woke up yesterday with sore throat and a temperture. She slept almost the whole day. She's feeling a lot better today! As you see.....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saddle Club

Here's Mary-Ella hanging out with the horses who board in our paddock. Fosters and Sapphire. We love having them about.
Mary-Ella gets to go for a ride on Fosters back from time to time. Luke and I take the girls out in the afternoon to feed them a treat of carrots or juicy green grass from our side of the fence. While the girls love them I think this is as close as they will come to living the Saddle Club dream.

Her Royal Kittiness

Just a few shots of Kitty in her new jimmyjams. Sometimes I wish time would stand still....I guess these photos are my best attempts of doing just that :)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Okay Computer

I think I must be crazy but I let Kitty play on the computer for the first time the other day. Usually we chase her away and she thinks it's such a great game. I figured if I let her check it out more thoroughly she might go away.

No such luck.

She had a lot of fun banging the keys and this shot shows her singing while she works....so far no serious damage was incurred by the computer.

Mezzy Star

Here's the big girl being her usual "angelic" self!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The David and Fiona Tree

I've been meaning to take a photo of the David and Fiona tree for ages and ages - just to show our friends who funnily enough are David and Fiona.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Princess Emma

here are a few more shots of the newest princess in the family. i'm so excited about becoming an aunty to emma. i can't wait for her to be able to play with mary-ella and ava. she reminds me of them when they were babies. sigh.sigh.sigh.

what do you think of the photos B? will take some more asap.

A Horse is a Horse of Course

unless it's a girl!!

a few weeks back on a saturday morning we ventured out hoping to buy some filing cabinets at a garage sale. having no luck we decided to try out a local second hand store. mary-ella found a toy that she just had to have - it's was priced at 50cents - it seemed like more stuff to clutter up the house but oh well - oh course you can have darling!! when next i turn around ava has this stuffed toy that looks something like a horse but at the same time it looks like a girl. she was holding the toy in a large embrace and swinging from side to side with a huge smile on her face. luke and i looked at each other and knew that this weird looking animal would also be making it's way home with us.

we took the toys up to the counter and i managed to pluck the horse/girl from ava's arms and searched for a price tag. 4 dollars i blurted out!! the lady at the counter smiled and said how about 3? i hadn't meant to barter but i was amazed that a creature such as that commanded such a high price. we agreed, how could we not? ava was in love.

horseygirl as she's now known, has become a permanent fixture around our house. ava loves to sit on the lounge cuddling her, she smiles so loveingly at horseygirl. horseygirl goes to bed with her and if she's been left at home for a few hours ava is always excited to be reunited with her.
while she does love her, poor horseygirl gets a bit of rough treatment. check out the love (and tumble).

by the way - i still haven't got any filing cabinets!!!

Meet Emma!!

here is my beautiful new niece - emma grace - born on september 29th.
she is just hours old in this photo.

she's perfect in every way!

Is This Thing On??

I've been meaning to get a blog up and running for awhile and I've finally decided to take the plunge.

My idea is to capture our everyday lives through words and images - something that help me to remember all the little details that might overwise be lost in the sea of life.