Sunday, December 17, 2006


Saturday, December 16, 2006

We Are Family

We've had some family from Sydney came and spend some time with us in the Sunshine State. I was worried it was going to be extemely hot and humid like it usually is in December but we were graced with pleasant temps for most of their stay. The boys had fun with the green tree frogs that not only live outside our house but make their way indoors as well. It was great for me because they would pick them up and take them back outdoors where they belong - they drive me nuts coming inside and I can'tbring myself to touch them.

Having city relatives visit highlighted just how much wildlife we have around our country home. I don't think Tanya will ever forget the curious incident of the owl in the nighttime!! I have never known of owls to attack unsuspecting visitors before.

Well that's probably enough yabba for today......
You can come and stay again anytime you like cousins you were fantastic house guests. Hope you had fun on the Gold Coast!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Last weekend I got to meet these gorgeous bubbly girls and their mum, and spend some time shooting some photos around their home. Lauren and Maddie chatted away with me like they had know me forever and a day, they showed me around their place and all their favorite toys.

Here are a few of my favorites from the afternoon.

I hope you like them.

A little theme song....

Your Theme Song is Groove is in the Heart by Dee-lite

"We're going to dance
And have some fun"

For you, life should be one huge party...
And even though it's not, you tend to dance your troubles away!
What's Your Theme Song?

I found this link on some other blogs I visit and thought it would be fun to try. Groove is in the Heart is now stuck in my head. Click the link to find out your theme song. Have fun.....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wiggles Baby. Yeah!!

Yesterday we went to the Wiggles, Racing the Rainbow concert. It was The Chop's first ever concert. We bought 'hot potato' seats and I'm so glad we did. We were right in front of the stage and the kids were able to boogie all around. At first the children stayed in their seats but when it became obvious that the children were welcome right in front of the stage we shuffled up closer. I was worried that it might get a little crazy with parents trying to ensure that their child was the closest but I was surprized by how laid back everyone was. It did it a little crowded as it got underway but it was a really great spot to be. Advice to parents - buy 'hot potato' seats - they are worth the few extra dollars.

The new wiggle, Sam was sporting the yellow skivvy and I was nervous that it would just not seem right without Greg but Sam was pretty good, there was alittle movie at the begining with Greg cermoniously handing the yellow skivvy to Sam.

One thing that was very dissapointing was that I didn't take my camera. I called earlier to find out if camera's were okay. An emphatic no was the answer. I left my camera in the car. While waitng to head in a message kept playing over the loud speaker reminding everyone that they may be embarrassed if asked to leave due to crazy camera welding. Once seated there were flash flash flashes everyone. I was waiting for all the offenders to be escorted from the didn't was a still and moving camera frenzy and there was me with no camera!!! I couldn't believe it. Lucky phones these days are now equipped!!

I have a few photos to share, the quality to poor but they are better than not having any and you will get the idea of how close we were and what fun it was. I love in the first shot how she has her arms in the air in true rock concert style....

PS I'm buying a point and shoot that fits in my pocket or handbag very very soon. I will not be caught out like this again!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

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For all of you who don't find these familiar faces - introducing the Wildman Family - Scott, Karen and Zac. Karen is one of my oldest and dearest friends - we've known each other since we were 6 years old. We headed to a beach just near Burleigh Heads where we spent many summers playing marco polo, cludeo and punch buggy, eating Macca's carmael sundaes, getting sunburnt (well I did), wearing bad 80's clothes and singing bad 80's songs, laughing and lots more laughing (although I don't remember what about) and just being young and carefree. Fun times.

We had quiet a few laughs taking these shots too.

I hope you like them Kaz......