Wednesday, February 21, 2007

That Kitty

She's cheeky isn't she?
She pulls this surprised face quite frequently - I'm glad I captured it. The fact that we don't have a video camera and have only such a small amount of footage of the girls is one of my greatest regrets - I would give anything to have had one when they were small, to capture their voices and their expressions. In fact I think I won't write about it because it makes me feel really sad.
I should just be grateful that I have so many photos of my girls - some people don't have that.

How could you not love this little face?

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here are a few shots I took of Emma a few days ago - she has grown hasn't she?

My girls are just loving having a little cousin - they spend all their time pulling faces and doing little voices so that Emma will smile and laugh at them.

She is getting to that very sweet age where they really smile and interact. I loved this age with my girls and I know B is loving this time with Emma.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Rob Heyman Photography Workshop

A few days back I went on my first photography workshop. It was such a great experience - Rob Heyman is a Master Photographer with the AIPP - he spent time with us discussing and practicing lighting and composition as well as running a photography business. Here is a pic of Rob at work. Rob has so much knowledge about photography - it's mind blowing, he is quite a character too - so the sitting and listening part was educational, interesting and entertaining (particulary when he threw paper balls at Kym when she couldn't keep quiet!!) I felt like I was hanging with a celebrity - I've known about Rob and his stunning work for many years - so it was amazing to spend two days listening and learning from him.
I tell ya - I had some serious gear envy!! The group was a pretty mixed bunch - from people with many years experience through to me ....with not much time behind me. We also had another Master Photographer attending who had lots of advice and great discussion. I can't say how much I enjoyed my time.

Here is a pic of the ladies I went with - I'm the one without the camera of course!! Next to me is Annie (who coincidently goes to my sisters church and we had a good laugh when we discovered we knew a lot of the same people.) Kym and Jenny are ILPers who I meet on an Aussie Thread. We have shared many hours of photography conversation in our previous get togethers so you can image the gabble when together for a few days in a row. I'm really grateful for this experience. ( I won't tell you what I did to myself with the liquify tool!! haha.)
Here are a few of my shots from our final play at Moffat Beach on the Sunshine Coast - a location I hope to visit again very soon. Isn't it magnificent - particulary with the storm brewing .......?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna and Megan Tagged Me

6 Things That Make Me Happy - here you go Anna and Megan

1) Luke, Mary-Ella and Ava (of course)

2) Rainy days

3) Getting a great photo

4) Little everyday things



Marla Tagged Me

Okay Marla tagged me and I have to tell you six strange/weird things about myself....

1) I like to push on bruises - it hurts but in a good way (is that strange enough for you????)

2) I hate the feeling of bare feet on cement.

3) I compulsively check the little switch to see if my head lights are on at night while driving - even though I can see that they are on.

4) I guess the way I make/eat milo is not so much weird but the fact that is regemented.....4 large spoons of milo in the bottom of the glass - glass must not be wet - milk carefully poured so as the milo remains on the bottom - carefully dig the spoon into the milo so little bits float to the top - they must stay wet with milk (I hate when the milo bubble bursts and you have dry milo) eat in this manner until a small amount of milo remain in the bottom of the cup - stir this in and drink the milk. If the all the milo floats to the top when milk is poured I'm screwed!!!!

5) not sure anyone will tag me after this

6) On my dinner plate I always save my fav food until last - Luke thinks this is weird behaviour - it makes sense to me!!

I'm not sure who to tag next? Will be coming by your blogs - look out.....

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fish Face

Monday, February 05, 2007

Mel and her gorgeous girlies

This was such a fun shoot!! Mel and the girls and I went to New Farm Park for the afternoon just before sunset. The girls were full of energy and wanted to play. After some nature type shots with the trees and green grass we went for a walk near the PowerHouse - the girls were racing ahead and took a little detour which lead to a great discovery!!!

There was an old section of building that was full of vines and grungy textures - it was awesome and the girls enjoyed playing there because it was like a little cubby house for them.

I plan on taking my girls there asap......

Hope you like these Mel...I have lots more to share too.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Day - Year 1

Well here is the big girl on her very first day of school. We've been looking forward to this day for some time and she was very excited. No tears....not even me. I thought I would cry seeing her in her uniform (I cried when she tried uniforms for size.)

I wish I had some better photos (like Renee's) but she wasn't interested.

Here she is in the classroom....(forgot to change the White Balance- they are a bit yellow) but she looks so pleased with herself...

Here she is with one of her friends - I love their faces in this shot.